Focus on people - Be the change!

Health Day 2019:

Suggestions and tips from exemplary colleagues


  • Looking at the sunny side of life

  • Every day has the chance to be the best in my life

  • The certainty that I can still learn something new

  • I give (also myself) time and space to network


  • I greet my colleagues

  • I pay attention to my choice of words

  • I accept other views, ideas, opinions

  • I treat my colleagues as I would like to be treated myself

Error culture

  • Nobody is perfect! Show tolerance for mistakes

  • Be open to mistakes, that's the only way I learn from them.

  • Trust in strengths - even in the face of mistakes

Less stress

  • I'm taking the course: 7 pillars of resilience

  • Paying attention to resilience and learning to say ″no″ to it

  • Common, regular active break

Team spirit

  • Lunch together

  • Company outing

  • Positive communication within the team

  • Sharing joy and successes with others

  • Leisure activities with the team

  • I like to help my colleagues and also like to accept help

  • Respectful interaction among colleagues


  • Completing activity - conscious transition - starting new activity

  • I do an MBSR course

  • Before each new appointment: a little reflection

  • I complete meetings during a walk

  • ALI: breathe, smile, pause. It's relaxing!

  • Mood barometer at team meetings

  • Involve new colleagues right from the start


  • I keep my word

  • Keeping promises

  • I am reliable

  • I feel committed to my work

  • Permanent employment gives security

Consistent action

  • I stand by my decisions

  • I know what I want

  • Make transparent and consistent decisions as a manager

  • Set an example of good things myself!

Being involved in decisions

  • Involve employees in decisions

  • Ask colleagues before making decisions


  • Monotasking: everyone gets my undivided attention in conversation, in meeting

  • Say thank you and praise

  • KIT-ON distributes praise cards

  • Be a role model

  • Leading means respecting

  • Mention even small progress

  • No evaluation of the person - everyone is as he/she is

  • Everyone I meet gets a smile

  • Meet everyone with a smile

  • Appreciate not only people, but also the environment and nature

  • Appreciate and use strengths of employees

  • Already praised today? Every day I praise a colleague for his/her performance, commitment, manner

Meet at eye level

  • Administration, technology, science - I treat everyone equally

Leadership culture

  • I do the course: leadership responsibility towards employees in life crises

  • Supporting visions and goals

  • Seeking opportunities instead of ″Your way ends here″.


  • Recognizing the achievements of my colleagues

  • Equal treatment in equal cases

  • I share and discuss my decision criteria with colleagues


  • I treat everyone with respect

  • Taking each other seriously


  • Questioning my own actions on a daily basis

Conflict culture

  • PAUSE(S): let people finish, wait, think, respond

  • I strive to give and accept feedback constructively

  • Talking with each other

  • Serenity

  • Why does something bother me? Do I know this about myself?

  • Listening to the other person and letting them finish what they were saying

Collegiality with each other

  • Friendliness

  • Willingness to compromise

  • Tolerance


  • without hurting

  • be authentic

equal opportunities

  • Performance instead of nose factor

  • Everyone gets the same time and attention regardless of status

Fair grouping in pay scale groups

  • Open and transparent information


  • Further training, qualification

  • I regularly set myself new goals

  • Review goals


Many suggestions and numerous conversations

At the Health Day on Oct. 30, 2019, the focus was on colleagues and their needs and interests at KMB. Work was "hard" and over 20 areas of need were identified. But loosely based on Gandhi, change demands initiative. Thus, we are pleased to have received almost 100 tips, experiences, and suggestions on how KIT employees shape and improve their working life on a daily basis.

The evaluation of the contributions will be published on this page soon.


Announcement: Health day at KIT 30.10.2019

We at KMB contribute to making people with their needs, abilities, and individual commitment more central to the working world at KIT. At the Health Day, we are happy to take your input and wishes and get into conversation with you on site about topics such as trusting cooperation, more consideration for each other, open communication and appreciative interaction.

According to the quote of Mahatma Gandhi "Be yourself the change you want to see in this world." we want to know how you actively shape and improve KIT. We know about many good examples and role models of our colleagues. We want to offer them a platform to encourage imitation. We invite you to contribute your part to the cooperative and collegial interaction at KIT.

We are documenting the collected suggestions from the Health Day on a sustainable basis on this website and are continuing the campaign online. So that you can keep adding new ideas for our togetherness at KIT in the future.

At the same time, KMB is also dedicated to concerns whose solutions are not yet apparent. We also see ourselves as contact persons and implementers, whenever human needs and problems are concerned. Please contact us!

We are looking forward to lively exchange and inspiring encounters with people at the center of KIT!