Silence in Karlsruhe - Silence at KIT

Also this year, KIT participates in the "Week of Silence" from 7.11. to 14.11.2021 in Karlsruhe(www.stille-in-karlsruhe.de). Silence belongs to being human and can connect us in a different way than words. In today's mobile and diverse world, people are increasingly looking for places and times of silence - even in their everyday working lives.

With offers of deceleration and mindfulness, KIT would like to contribute to creating a working atmosphere of appreciation, cooperation, and trust. This benefits all employees as well as research, teaching, and innovation.

We are very pleased that the Presidium supports the Week of Silence. Provided that the offers do not interfere with your work processes and that these are coordinated with your superiors, you can make use of the KIT offers during your working hours during the week of action.

Events of the Week of Silence at KIT

In 2021, the offers will again take place online.
This format has proven very successful because of Corona, but also because of the easier accessibility from the workplace.

Sitting in Silence

Monday - Friday from 12:30 - 13:00 each day
Please register with the respective contact person(s) no later than the day before.
After registration you will receive an access code for video transmission.

You are cordially invited!

Monday 08.11.
Achim Grindler
Tel: 0721 608-24506

Tuesday 09.11.
Christof Scherer
Tel: 0721 931020

Wednesday 10.11.
Bettina Werner
Tel: 0721 608-25019
Email: bettina.werner∂kit.edu

Thursday 11.11.
Ernst Aumüller
Tel: 0721 608-45190

Friday 12.11.
Rainer Stiefelhagen
Tel: 0721 608-46385
E-mail: rainer.stiefelhagen∂kit.edu

Silence Challenge of the Day

The Perspectives Lab of the House of Competence is also taking part in the Week of Silence this year.
From Monday to Friday, there is the opportunity to try your hand at the "Silence Challenge of the Day."
These are exercises or interventions (from coaching or positive psychology),
that students and everyone can easily apply in everyday life.

The challenges can be found on the Week of Silence website (Monday - Friday).