Overview of consulting services

Contact point

Expertise for
the following conflict topics

Working methods/offers

Business units for all KIT employees

Medical services

  • Impairment of physical or mental well-being due to conflicts
  • Causing of conflicts by health impairment/ handicaps
  • Foreseeable health hazards in the operational environment of persons (employees, colleagues), e.g. in case of indications of addictive behavior, mental changes
  • Acute care for conflict-related health complaints (consultation hours)
  • Counseling before gradual reintegration at a conflict-related workplace
  • Counseling when health restrictions lead to conflicts

Personnel development and vocational training

  • Conflicts related to work at KIT or trainee support, both with colleagues/trainees and superiors/trainees and trainers

For managers:

  • Conflicts arising from leadership responsibilities.
  • Conflicts of an organizational or institutional nature
  • Initial and informational talks with one party and in-depth individual counseling
  • Conflict clarification talks also with several parties
  • Referral to other offices


Personnel service

  • Conflicts concerning the employment relationship
  • Conflicts between colleagues and/or superiors
  • Initial and informational talks with one party
  • Conflict clarification talks with several parties
  • Referral to other offices/involvement of other offices

SEK suggestion box

  • First point of contact for students and employees of KIT regarding quality management in studies and teaching
  • Initial consultation
  • Mediation of further offers of help, if the inquiries do not refer to quality management

Business units and central institutions for specific target groups at KIT


  • intercultural issues:
    Conflicts in connection with the stay and in the environment of international employees and researchers


  • Initial and informational talks
  • Referral to other offices
  • Support with official procedures


Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists

  • Challenging situations or conflicts during the doctoral or postdoc phase
  • Initial and informational interviews
  • Referral to other offices
  • If necessary, conflict support

Staff units for all KIT employees


  • Questions on compliance and prevention of corruption
  • Contact point for reporting indications of compliance violations
  • Advice on issues of compliant behavior
  • Clarification and elucidation of possible compliance violations
  • Anonymous whistleblower portal

Conflict management and psychosocial counseling

  • Interpersonal conflict situations with colleagues, superiors, within an OU or across OUs
  • intrapersonal conflicts
  • Confidential, impartial and open-ended counseling for conflict participants
  • conflict talks, moderation and mediation with several parties
  • case management for complex conflicts

elective offices, responsible for all KIT employees

Equal opportunities

  • Conflicts related to discrimination, sexualized violence, harassment, and stalking
  • in case of conflicts concerning the reconciliation of work/study and family life
  • Initial counseling and in-depth counseling
  • Representing the interests of men and women in accordance with the legal basis
  • Equal Opportunity Officers also accompany in CHG matters to staff meetings as well as to BEM meetings, if this is requested by the persons concerned. This is part of the conflict and its resolution. All discussions are subject to legal confidentiality.

Youth and trainee representation

  • Conflicts in connection with the training relationship
  • Initial consultation
  • Representation of interests

Staff council

  • Conflicts in connection with the employment relationship
  • Conflicts with colleagues or between employees and superiors
  • Initial consultation
  • Representation of interests vis-à-vis the employer
  • Forwarding to other contact points within KIT

Representation of severely disabled employees

  • Conflicts in which severely disabled persons or persons of equal status are involved
  • Information meetings
  • Further advice for severely disabled persons or persons of equal status and their superiors

Representative, responsible for all KIT employees

General Equal Treatment Act (PSE)

  • Conflicts with reference to the General Equal Treatment
  • Consulting
  • Examination of violations

Contact persons for questions related to sexual harassment

  • Conflicts related to sexual harassment
  • Consulting

Ombudspersons for ethical principles

  • Conflicts related to the ethical principles of KIT
  • Consulting

Ombudspersons for good scientific practice

  • General topics of good scientific practice Practice (professional ethics, responsibilities, supervision, ombudsman system and procedures)
  • quality assurance in research (publications and qualification work, authorship, documentation, archiving and use of data)
  • Prevention of misconduct through personal counseling and lectures
  • Mediation between conflicting parties
  • Preliminary investigation of reports of misconduct

Ombudspersons for doctoral students and supervisors

  • Conflicts or disputes in the course of the doctorate
  • Counseling and mediation for doctoral students and supervisors
  • Issuing recommendations

Contact points that are available to KAS in an advisory capacity

Data protection officer

  • Implementation of data protection and information security compliant business processes or research projects
  • Advising internal OUs

Occupational safety specialists*

  • Conflict issues related to working conditions and work environment
  • Consulting
  • Workplace inspections

University law and academic affairs

  • Advice on legal issues in the area of study, teaching and academic affairs
  • Legal advice to the conflict resolution units

Legal matters

  • legal conflicts
  • legal advice to the bodies, committees, and organizational units of KIT in the scientific, administrative, and infrastructure areas

* other representatives and authorized persons here